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Pew Pew Painters

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Welcome to the Official Pew Pew Painters Website

Welcome to Pew Pew Painters

A Miniature Wargaming Painting Service for those looking for quality paint jobs. We are fast, affordable, friendly, and quality painters ready to work with you.

Example Commissions

  • Luis' Vanguard Veterans
    Luis' Vanguard Veterans
  • Grant's Warlock
    Grant's Warlock
  • Zach's Sorcerer Lord
    Zach's Sorcerer Lord
  • Luis' Vanguard Captain
    Luis' Vanguard Captain
  • Wayland's Imperial Guardsman
    Wayland's Imperial Guardsman
  • Grant's Krell, Lord of Undeath
    Grant's Krell, Lord of Undeath
Luis' Vanguard Veterans
Luis' Vanguard Veterans

Who are the Pew Pew Painters

India Wishart has been painting models for 10 years. She started with painting Reaper models for Dungeons and Dragons with her dad. She plays Chaos Daemons and Dark Eldar in Warhammer 40k and takes her time painting them both to make sure they look good. Other than painting, India enjoys drawing, video games, and D&D.

Zach Brann has been painting for about a year and a half and has been enjoying every moment of it. He started with the Assault on Black Reach boxed set for Warhammer 40k. He plays Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, and Orks for Warhammer 40k, and Warriors of Chaos for Warhammer Fantasy. Other than painting, he enjoys video games, Starbucks, and sports.

About us

Pew Pew Painters started in spring of 2012 by Zach Brann and India Wishart.

We wished to spread our talent to those around us who had grey paint jobs. After the outpour of praise for our work, we began to do paint commissions on the side for extra cash and were surprised at the amount of people looking for paint commissions. Deciding it would be best to unite and organize, we created a painting commission business and Pew Pew Painters was born.

We can usually be found at Games Workshop: Royal Oaks during normal store hours

11803 Westheimer Road #700 Houston, TX 77077